African Healing Circle


In response to the dual global pandemics of Covid-19 and systemic racism, Our Roots are offering culturally grounded Healing Circles for all members of the African Heritage community during CoVid-19 and beyond.

This program is designed to build resilience, address trauma, create cohesion, develop family support and general wellbeing.

The impact of "living while black" can be extremely stressful unless we have the tools to manage it. Attendance in a circle is not a response to something being wrong with us; it is to protect ourselves from what is wrong with the world.

In these challenging days, one very healthy thing we can do to support our families and communities is to develop simple safe spaces; healing circles - where we can come together to Breathe.

please note :
  • This is not therapy but a safe space to talk and share experiences
  • The Healing Circles and held on 
  • The Healing Circles are for anyone of African Heritage (African, African Caribbean and mixed black ethnicity) 

To find out more about the African Healing Circle please fill out the contact for below and a member of the team will be in contact with you.



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