Family Roots 

Family Roots provides Assessments and Welfare Visits delivered by Independent Social Workers as well as Family Support and Contact/Family Time services. Our team of Contact Supervisors, Family Support Workers and Social Workers will work collaboratively with other professionals who work with children and their families. This will promote children’s potential to achieve positive outcomes and they can positively contribute to society as adults. We would like to see all children protected from abuse and neglect. Working alongside key safeguarding partners, we provide a child-centered approach that aims to strengthen families.

Our team of experts include Social Workers, Family Support Workers and Contact/Family Time Supervisors. They have been rigorously checked and interviewed. They are registered with regulatory bodies such as Social Work England and have professional indemnity insurance where applicable. 

We can start work immediately on instruction and our fee structure is transparent and there are no hidden costs.

Our Aim

To provide a service that will contribute to promoting the welfare of children

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Family Roots service will be launching this service in March 2024, please feel free to submit your enquiries.