Therapeutic Services

This is Our Roots main objective and we have achieved amazing outcomes through the delivery of psychological therapies, which continues to change lives in many ways. The professional arm employs competent and appropriate staff in professions such as Counselling, NHS Talking Therapies formally known as IAPT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy High Intensity), Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) and Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners.

This continued growth has been realised due to the collaboration with stakeholders and the diligent work of Our Roots staff and the Board of Directors who have continuously supported this noble vision. Under the LWC (Living Well Consortium), we deliver work for Birmingham and Sandwell Mental Health CCG and ForwardThinking Birmingham contracts.

In July 2019, we secured a new contract with Black Country Partnership NHS in Sandwell to deliver Counselling Services. This helped in reducing their huge waiting list. After months of invaluable partnership, the contract ended in December 2019.

Forward Thinking Birmingham
Living Well UK

Our counselling and psychological wellbeing service, also includes the delivery of NHS Talking Therapies (IAPT) services, for adults and young people aged between 14-25 years old, from Forward Thinking Birmingham. Our NHS Talking Therapies (IAPT) service has grown substantially over the years and has been accessed by many clients across Birmingham and Sandwell. The success of our NHS Talking Therapies service is reflected in our high recovery rates in clients. As we have confidence in our ability to deliver NHS Talking Therapies services with our skilled Therapists, we have now extended our NHS Talking Therapies service further to treat individuals with long term health conditions. We are one of the first psychological well-being services in Birmingham to deliver NHS Talking Therapies service for Long Term Health Conditions.


Our other forms of therapies include dance, music, movement & fitness and feel-good therapy (DMT), which is a movement and fitness-based exercise to keep fit and feel good about yourself. It helps to keep an active body and mind and increases general activeness in life. This also supports in the healing of common emotional and mental distress around individuals and groups. Group based DMT enhances social connectivity and social capital: it allows you to experience a sense of belonging and connectedness.

We provide Community-based therapy programmes such as family support, therapy, and mentoring for children and community activities, which aims to motivate people to live a fulfilled life that maximises their wellbeing.

This may include community activities, community catering services and other community activities. We also provide literary activities for well-being. These include: writing and reading stories together to improve our well-being and social connection.