Holyhead Rd end of lease 30th April 2021


Our roots cic


After 4 years of operating at Holyhead Rd, As of 30th April 2021 we have handed the building back to the owners thus cutting short our 10-year old lease that had a 3 year break-clause (able to end the lease after 3 years).

We will be moving to our new Head Office, the newly purchased 19a Cato Street property in June.

We shall keep a presence at Spaces in the heart of the city.

Holyhead Rd has seen us grow in our professional and community programs, thanks to the dedication and good work of all staff, management and the steer of a vibrant board.

Let us always keep working together as we direct the psychological wellbeing of society and the community development of the community we serve. We are in it TOGETHER.

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