Therapy Updates:

All our services are now operating hybrid, we are seeing clients Face to face and online video session   

Suffering from effects of COVID-19? Contact us for free Counselling on 0121 439 9045

Community Updates:

Our Dance and Movement classes are running online.
We encourage our community to stay active during this pandemic!


“Sounded simplistic but it has left us feeling we ought to think simple in order to do and behave big!"
Men's Wellbeing group after a series of “Man Up" workshops that promote a positive look of manning up
“Strange how I used to think the world is about to collapse on me: these sessions have reminded me I have a big future to take care of... and everything is in my hands... I am glad I accepted this therapy!"
A college student who was supported in anxiety counselling sessions
"It feels so good when my children wake up in the morning and are rushing to get ready to go to Our Roots, and when they come back and tell me what went on and what they did. It's a joy to see that they are loving this. The tutors have just topped it up and even when I do not get around the time to help them in their learning, it's comforting to know that they did some learning at Our Roots. Thank you everyone at Our Roots."
F. Wirba
“Thank you for providing a free counselling service to my fifteen year old daughter. My daughter was reluctant to seek help from her school and I was concerned about where we could access support. Fortunately we were able to access your service which she has found helpful. I am very grateful that when she needed help there was some available and we didn't have to wait. Thank you for the invaluable service."
Mother of fifteen year old daughter that received iapt counselling service
“Just wanted to thank you for all of your help, support and advice that you've provided for staff and students over the last few months at auea. It's been invaluable and very much appreciated! We look forward to working with you again in the future.”
Aston University Engineering Academy